20. 03. 2009
Updated sampler section. I created 30 free ambient textures, drones, motions. All these sounds are looped and rendered to 24-bit wav format. Due to my bandwidth limit and lack of space I must place files on rapidshare server. So You can download here and listen example here.


14. 08. 2008
Added 6 wallpapers in full HD resolution


11. 02. 2008
This image is done for challenge NVArt - Amazing Creations. For more informations click here. Full resolution see link below...


13. 12. 2007
Updated sampler section. Dinky reconstruction of my ensemble GrainDrones for Native Instruments Reaktor 5.
I used filters from very good synthesizer Carbon2 based on Reaktor Core engine and add FX unit (Pitch shifter, Phaser, Chorus, Eq, Delay).


27. 06. 2007
Added new images, updated downloads and prints section.


10. 02. 2007
Updated downloads section. 30s animated shape with noisy sounds...  On this little piece I used about fifty polygon objects exported from Xenodream, which were assembled into motion sequence. This sequence was imported into Lightwave and then added animated fur things. All rendered in Lightwave 8.5 without global illumination. Post-processing in After Effects 6.5. Sound texture and effects are created in Native Instruments Reaktor and Cubase SX... avi file 3.87 Mb (Xvid codec) or quicktime movie 5.47 Mb.


19. 12. 2006
Updated sampler section: 100 free clix and drum samples.


29. 11. 2006
This image is done for Cgsphere project. I combined object from Xenodream with 3d environment, which was rendered in Lightwave 3D. Put together in Adobe Photoshop...


25. 11. 2006
Added new images (exported mesh from Xenodream, shaded, lit and rendered in Modo 202). I try to visualize  complex object and create some glass design. That´s all... :-)


19. 10. 2006
Added new photos: "broken ribcage part 1."

ft-0019   ft-0020   ft-0021   ft-0022   ft-0023   more_here_red

17. 10. 2006
Added new images (exported meshes from Xenodream, shaded, lit and rendered in Modo or Lightwave)
+ new wallpapers


22. 07. 2006
Guestbook is workable...  :-)

17. 07. 2006
Added 3 new photos...

ft-0016b   ft-0017b   ft-0018b

12. 07. 2006
Fixed some errors on pages gallery 1 & 2. Guestbook is not yet workable... :-(

11. 07. 2006
Start new webpages...